Common guidelines to salmon fishing in the Muonio river

• Salmon fishing is allowed in Tornio-Muonio river between the 1st of June and 31st of August.
• Weekly conservation of salmon is from 7 pm on Sunday to 7pm on Monday. Salmon fishing is prohibited during this 24h period.
• Catch quota: daily permit allows 1 salmon per permit. Weekly and seasonal permits allow 1 salmon per day, per permit.
• Due to the conservation of sea trout in Tornio river, sea trout has to be released immediately whether it is living or dead.
• Minimum length of a legal salmon is 50cm.
• Salmon fishing from a boat is always done by rowing. Rowing starts from the point of entry. Study the local rowing guidelines.
• The distance between the points of entries is one rowing pool. When changing a rowing area, you must go to shore and wait your turn.
• The rowing starts in the same order the boats have arrived to rowing area. Do not cut in line! Make sure your distance to other boats is sufficient.
• Do not stay in one specific area, if there are other boats behind you.