About me

I was born in the northern part of Finland, in the city of Oulu in 1979. I currently live in Muonio in the northwestern part of Lapland.

Fishing has been an important part of my life since school age. Much of my free time was spent fishing during my teens and, as soon as, I reached adulthood I have practically lived near the best fishing areas Finland has to offer.

In 2006, my work and my fishing hobby took my family and I to Finnish Lapland. Hundreds of fishing trips have made the fishing areas in the northwestern Lapland (Muonio and northwestern wilderness areas), in addition to northern parts of Sweden and Norway (Tromsø and Finnmark) very familiar to me.

In 2014, I made a career change from a market supervisor to a full-time fishing guide. I studied to become a nature and wilderness guide and a professional fishing guide. Therefore, I am excited to offer my professional services in hundreds of locations I know like the back of my hand.

I offer an arrangement of fishing trips and fishing guidance for example: trolling while rowing or using a motor boat, cast fishing from a boat or from a bank, and fly fishing. Winter fishing is also one of my strengths; I can teach and guide you in various types of ice fishing. All of the fish species in Lapland are familiar to me. I practice responsible fishing (according to selective fishing principles) with respect to nature overall and with the utmost attention to your safety.

I want to help you to realize your dream fishing experience. Book a fishing tour from my website that best fits you. Additionally, do not hesitate to ask me about a tailor-made tour, according to your specific wishes! My contacts are: